Stand for Health Freedom supports candidates who make and support policy to protect and expand individual and family choice in matters of personal health. We believe Monae Johnson will defend and expand these rights for South Dakota residents.

Stand for Health Freedom

I worked with Monae Johnson in the Secretary of State’s office. She is the most qualified and experienced person the GOP has nominated for Secretary of State since Chris Nelson in 2002.

With 8 years experience and having worked in all divisions in the office, she will be a strong leader for South Dakota. 

I endorse Monae Johnson for Secretary of State.

Jason Williams

The FHA Action Board of Directors is pleased to announce their endorsements of candidates running for statewide office.

For Secretary of State: Monae Johnson

Family Heritage Alliance Action

The Election on Nov. 8 is pivotal for Unborn Children and Their Mothers!
Without LIFE, not a single one of our rights granted to us by God and guaranteed to us in the Constitution is secure. The founders understood that LIFE is the most important, and it’s why they listed it first, before liberty or the pursuit of happiness. Without the protection of LIFE and the understanding that human dignity starts in the womb, neither liberty or the pursuit of happiness matters.

SDRTL PAC ENDORSES MONAE JOHNSON who is Pro-LIFE Strong! We encourage your ‘SUPPORT’ of her on November 8 or before!

South Dakota Right to Life PAC

As a practicing business attorney, I know the importance of a well functioning Secretary of State’s Office. Not only does the Secretary of State administer elections in South Dakota, but this office also handles the filing of documents pertaining to corporate and business matters for all South Dakota legal entities.

Over the course of the past 20 years, Monae Johnson has worked for both Chris Nelson and Shantel Krebs, who were both excellent Secretaries of State. Monae has learned what needs to be done to fairly oversee elections and to smoothly handle the administration duties of this office. I strongly support her election.

Kurt Solay

Practicing Business Attorney

I take this time to wholeheartedly endorse Monae Johnson for the position of the Republican Candidate for Secretary of State of South Dakota November election. I have known Monae for decades, & a number of those years as her past employer. I could find no finer employee in the 35 years of my executive-level management position. She was very conscientious about her work & always displayed a can-do attitude. In short & to my knowledge, she was a good servant of the people she worked for & with.

I have no hesitation in endorsing her as the Republican Candidate for Secretary of State of South Dakota. Her years of experience while working at the Capitol in Pierre speak for themselves & reflect her hard work & dedication while serving the good people of South Dakota.

Raul D. Daniel

Monae Johnson has worked in the Secretary of State office under two administrations and is familiar with the responsibilities of the office.  She can hit the ground running on day one of her term.

I am grateful for her commitment to freedom and our Constitution which is under attack and encouraged that she is strongly defending our liberties.

It is vital that we vote on our values, so I’ll be voting for Monae.

Manny Steele

Former State Representative

I have known Monae Johnson for about 15 years. She is my friend who I have watched shine in adverse circumstances and come out smiling. She is engaging and a friend to all who would approach her, while discerning and smart. She has eight years of experience under two excellent Secretaries’ of State in South Dakota. She is a hard working woman, and one who knows who she is and knows her Lord.

One great experience we shared was several years ago in our Nation’s Capital. We walked the streets of Washington DC and prayed. We circled the Whitehouse and prayed for many Capital Police as we did so. As we walked and prayed we got to know each other’s hearts. We need Monae’s heart in our Secretary of State office and in our Capital City.

Amy Wagner

State NDP Coordinator

I have known Monae Johnson professionally and personally for approximately 20 years. 

My experiences with Monae have always shown her to be exemplary in her professionalism and dedication to whatever she has committed to.

As Secretary of State, I have no doubt that she will excel in the duties required of her and that she will bring fresh ideas forward.  Monae is a creative thinker as well as a very proficient worker.

I endorse Monae Johnson for the position of Secretary of State without hesitation I know that she is a person of integrity and will work hard for the state of South Dakota.

Kelly Patterson

Owner, Life Treasures LLC

Monae Johnson is a judicious and sensible woman. Her long-held and clear priorities are God, Country, and Family. Her character and decision-making reflect a lifetime of authentic devotion to her God, and commitment to conservative values.

My appreciation and personal trust are in citizens that are champions of the original intent of our Country and its Constitution and our State and its Constitution. Monae has established herself as one of those champions through her years of faithful public service. Accordingly, Monae Johnson has my appreciation and personal trust and deserves yours as well.

Scott Craig

Pastor and Former District 33 State Representative

I confidently recommend Monae Johnson for Secretary of State. Monae has had previous experience working in the Secretary of States office for 8 years. She knows how to get things done. Monae wants to bring back customer service to the office, as well as election integrity.
If you want to see how the Secretary of State office is supposed to operate, please join me in supporting Monae Johnson for Secretary of State.

Gretchen Weible

Candidate for Brookings County Commission

I have known Monae Johnson for over 20 years, and she has constantly shown herself to be a person of the highest caliber and integrity.

Her focus is to always do the right thing, and that will be an extremely important asset in the position of Secretary of State.

I strongly endorse her for this position of state leadership and know that she will be a strong positive for the people of South Dakota.

Fred Gondzar

President, Healthy Wealth, LLC

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